Garden decoration How to decorate your garden or balcony with ceramic flowers?

Keeping and caring for the garden takes a lot of time, but it is worth it. Let us show you some ways to make your garden, balcony or terrace colorful all year round.



Decorating evergreens, plants in shady places

Often we choose evergreens because they don't need much sunlight and care, but they rarely bloom.

However, ceramic flowers are perfect in this case, because

  • colour green plant

  • do not require any care

  • they do not need water

  • they do not need sunlight

You should be aware, that ceramic flowers should be brought in the house below minus 4 degrees Celsius, as the glaze may crack.

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Balcony box, balcony decoration

  • you don't need more than a few ceramic flowers for a balcony box

  • choose hanging flowers or butterflies and watch the wind dance with them

  • they bloom all year round

  • they can withstand the heat

  • they need only a pinch of water 😜 (they do not)


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Colour your potted plants



  • so lavender blooms all year round

  • even a few ceramic flowers are enough

  • choose some ladybirds for the potted boxwood


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Let the herbs flourish!

There's nothing better than using home-grown plants to spice up your lunch. But herbs don't flower, or we need to pluck their flowers to preserve their intensity.

  • but a few ceramic flowers look beautiful alongside basil, thyme

  • they can stand the humidity so you can put them in the kitchen

  • perfect with rosemary or curry as they can withstand the heat of the sun


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No limits to creativity

A small touch, a nice thought, a unique and tasteful arrangement is what gives soul to your home and garden.

  • daffodils by the garden path

  • bluebells along the bushes

  • some snowdrops by the entrance

  • a field of poppies under the window

  • tulips under the blackberry tree

  • a few butterflies under the rose bush

  • a small mushroom by the log

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Everything you need for a fairy garden

  • several types of mushrooms

  • flower elves, colourful elves, love elves

  • snails

  • animals

  • birds

  • hanging flowers


The rest is up to your imagination.

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Watch our video of how we decorated our garden: